Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Greater Scaup, Pochard and Pintail

The worst first! The photo below was taken from the main road, the A934/A92 junction at Montrose Basin without entering the private land. I've managed to get Scaup, Pochard and Pintail in the same shot. There were two drake Scaup with nine ducks, one drake Pochard, around sixty Pintails and sixteen Tufted Duck.

Scaup and Pochard video, click here                                        Red-breasted Merganser courtship, click here for video

Colour ringed Black-tailed Godwit, click here for video          Shoveler video, click here

Drake and duck Scaup, Pochard drake and Pintails, and Tufted Ducks just out of shot

Peregrine which had just flushed all of the Godwits, Dunlin, Knot and Redshanks at Rossie Spit

A small group of Knot at Rossie Spit, there were more hidden nearer the water's edge

The male Kingfisher, perhaps being shown a little more tolerance by the female. Still two Little Egrets in front of the Bank of Scotland Hide and a third flew down the Basin from the Lurgies

A late afternoon view of the Iceland Gull at Victoria Park, Arbroath. I've got to take these photos as the opportunity arises as it may move on at anytime. Lit up by the low sunlight

For those into ageing gulls by plumage

A more relaxed bird sitting on a newly exposed rock near the toilet block. It's likely it's feeding on food thrown out by the many lunchtime visitors as do the Herring Gulls

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Iceland Gull and the RNLI

Another dull day so it needed to be a white gull and luckily someone reported two at Whiting Ness at the start of the cliffs at Arbroath. Probably the same Iceland Gull I've posted before. Also a couple of shots of the RNLI Rib in the harbour mouth.

The first time I've seen this Iceland Gull for a while, unless perhaps it's not the same one that was hanging around near Whiting Ness before and after Christmas

Same bird

I'd looked through all of the gulls sitting on the wind swept rocks and turned around to see the Iceland Gull (1st winter) on the grass behind me, pantomime or what!

Training or playing, maybe both. Arbroath Inshore Lifeboat

I didn't see how far out to sea they'd been

Shag, very close in at Whiting Ness

Shag, I think it wanted to roost on the ramp but there were people walking past even in the cold wind

I counted 43 Purple Sandpipers in this photo taken near the West Breakwater at Inchcape Park, Arbroath. Recently in better conditions I saw 55 on the breakwater with the majority sitting on the seaward facing side

Thursday, 11 January 2018

It's Montreathmont time again

Indulge me this collection from Montreathmont Forest, I'm posting them in an effort to encourage some people I know to visit the hide and see there's more to birds than the Blackbird in their garden and the Buzzards on the fence-posts. 

Lesser Redpoll, click here for DSLR HD video

Male Siskins, click here for DSLR HD video

Long-tailed Tits, click here for DSLR HD video

Lesser Redpoll

Long-tailed Tits, there are seven, count the tails if you don't believe it

Long-tailed Tit

Male Siskin

Male Yellowhammer


Blue Tit

Male Chaffinch

Coal Tit

Elliot Beach looking towards Hatton, 1545

Arbroath Golf Course, 1610

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The Way We Were

I wasn't going to post these photos taken on Tuesday when it remained dark all day, but now it's the same again on Wednesday I thought we'd see what photography in the past might have been like. I can't remember last week let alone the past so I'm not sure!

Glaucous Gull video from last year near this time, click here to view

A real shame that the female Kingfisher chose to fish repeatedly from the perch in front of the BOS Hide on the worst day for photography I can remember. Still, it was good to watch as it caught shrimp after shrimp and chased the male away from the perch on a number of occasions

There were two Little Egrets, this one at the furthest it could be away from the hide. When it did eventually land much nearer I'd been distracted by the Kingfishers antics and a movement I made spooked it

A wee bit of colour in this photo taken at the Kinnaber Viaduct on the lower reaches of the North Esk but some of it because of the brightening up applied to remove the shadows

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Twite and June 2017

Twite, Whoopers and some photos from June 2017 to brighten up the January mood.

Spoonbill in June at the Lurgies (long version), click here for HD video

Some of a count which totalled 127 Twite either sitting on the wires or at the feeding station on the way to the hides at Mains of Dun

Whooper Swans seen on the way back from the Shelduck Hide. I wonder if they've returned to the coast due to the freezing of the inland waters

A Greenfinch through the double glazing, looks like they'll be on the Red List soon. I've managed to attract and keep six birds coming to a front garden feeder and am considering another at the rear to see if they'll move away from the street where they get disturbed often

Remember when it was summer, (I nearly wrote warm) and Spoonbills were at the Basin

They even danced, this one was preening then leaping up onto the air to dry

A Common Tern at Ferryden on it's way out to sea to fish

There's only one cygnet still around at Carnoustie Golf links. I can't say if all of these six made it but am reasonably confident that four did

It wouldn't be summer without a Puffin photo