Saturday, 25 October 2014

The very distant and poor lit Black Scoter photo...........

The poor photo below appears to show the Black Scoter seen recently at Lunan Bay, it was taken on 22/10/2014 about 0900 when there wasn't a great deal of light and at 100 times zoom as it was so far out. I had seen the bird through my scope and was sure I'd found the Black Scoter but since I'd never seen one before I've been cautious about this. Two friends with many years experience have said they agree it's the Black Scoter so I've published it here. The photo has been slightly noise reduced, cropped and brightened a touch.

The bird on the right is the Black Scoter (I believe)

A late Lesser Black-backed Gull at Newburgh, Fife. Or a Scandinavian migrant??

Cormorants at Arbroath Harbour (2 photos amalgamated)

Tree Sparrow in my garden. There might be more than one but our Sparrowhawk is around.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Kestrel, Sanderling and a menacing cloud!!

The Kestrel below was hunting at Buckie Den and caught a vole which it proceeded to eat on the fence post and I did film it but the vibration of the engine running in the car meant the camera went in and out of focus, note, switch off the engine!

This Kestrel had just ripped a vole apart and eaten it, blood on the right talon

Not so common at the West Links, Arbroath, one of two Sanderlings near dusk

Seen from the Gayfield area in Arbroath late in the day

Monday, 20 October 2014

Keptie Pond, Elliot, Inchcape and Montrose

The first two from Keptie Pond and the last two were taken using the auto settings on my Canon SX50, although pleased with them the camera doesn't always focus on the subject.

The low water level at Keptie seems to suit the Shoveler who has been around about a week and it was so windy on the coast I resorted to flight shots as I couldn't keep the camera steady.

I included the "moody" photo of the Snipe, a common view as they get up and disappear very quickly when disturbed in the reeds.

Shoveler Drake, Keptie Pond

Moorhen, Keptie Pond

Common Snipe, Elliot

Black-headed Gull, Inchcape Park

Great Black-backed Gull, Inchcape Park

Greenshank, Lurgies

Little Grebe, Montrose Basin