Friday, 15 May 2015

A battle in the Arbroath sky

The young Iceland Gull now almost looks established at Arbroath Harbour but still gets put in its place from the Herring Gulls from time to time, this chase lasted longer than usual and the Iceland Gull flew off to Danger Point where it spends time most days preening. The Willow Warbler photo is probably the best I've taken (so far) and the Bank Vole strayed into a shaft of light just long enough but even then the camera speed was low. The Ringed Plover has fledged an unknown number of chicks, there were four eggs and today the male was doing a distraction display so there must be some chicks around. I found the Common Sandpiper in the rain at Elliot late afternoon.

Still no peace for the juvenile Iceland Gull

The plumage is evolving with some darker patches showing

Willow Warbler, Montreathmont

Bank Vole, Montreathmont

Reed Bunting male at Balgavies

Common Sandpiper , Elliot

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Corn Bunting surveys today and still my hide rota

I can't compete with Neil's stunning photo of a Green Woodpecker now on BirdGuides but as I got this one in 20 minutes of stalking it will do me. Other photos are from my Corn Bunting survey, Elliot and Arbroath Harbour where the juvenile Iceland Gull is still sitting on the roof of the sewage pump station.

Green Woodpecker

Roe Buck at Seafield

Wheatear at 0606 in the morning, very low and odd light

Corn Bunting

Meadow Pipit

Coal Tit, Montreathmont

Fieldfare, I can't remember seeing one in Montreathmont before. (Note to self, don't post here after a few glasses at 1 am, I had this as a Mistle Thrush but obviously a very late Fieldfare).


Pied Wagtail, male at the harbour, a very dark individual

I have been advised that placing a perch near an active Kingfisher nest is an offence without a Schedule 1 licence.

Kingfisher blood bath, chicks head to right of the large stone..............

Is this an Otter footprint? Four toes in centre of the photo.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Births, Deaths and a Swallow

No site details with these but I found what looked to be a predated Kingfisher nest with pre-fledgling feathers still "in pin" and spraint from an unknown as yet source nearby. The Yellowhammer has one of the feathers in its beak for its nest. The Ringed Plover was photographed from a distance so not to disturb it from the nest and the Swallow was at Keptie Pond where at least one Greylag remains. Perhaps the other is on a nest?


Yellowhammer with what I think is a feather still "in pin" from a predated Kingfisher nest, predator unknown as yet

Ringed Plover sitting on a nest of 4 eggs, due to hatch soon

Monday, 11 May 2015

Montreathmont Forest, Arbroath Harbour and Elliot

It's my hide rota week just now so I didn't venture far and ended up at Montreathmont, Arbroath Harbour and Elliot. Two unexpected visitors at Elliot were a female Sparrowhawk and a Roe Buck which admittedly looked lost and scruffy due to moulting into it's summer coat. Yet another Iceland Gull photo taken in between some serious showers and a Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler for comparison.

Female Sparrowhawk, Elliot

Not quite sharp

Iceland Gull, Inchcape, Arbroath

Purple Sandpipers taken near sunset at Inchcape

Chiffchaff, Montreathmont

Willow Warbler, Montreathmont

Linnet, Elliot

Ringed Plover, Elliot

Roe Buck, Elliot, looking very scruffy in moult, I've never seen deer here before

Green-veined Butterfly, Montreathmont, a tiny specimen about half the normal size

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Getting closer to a good Jay photo

This Jay was reasonably happy to come close and must have seen me but not as an immediate threat. Just a pity I couldn't get the whole bird in the frame.