Saturday, 13 June 2015

Ringed Plover chick and others from around Arbroath

Summer appeared to start this week and the birds haven't been waiting for it. The Ringed Plover chick is the only one with the two adults, Mickey has told me there were four eggs so it looks like the disturbance and gulls on the beach have had a big impact. The Sand Martins look to be feeding young and Swallows also seen were photographed leaving a nest with faecal sacs. The Whitethroat has found a large caterpillar and bashed it before flying off to its nest. Finally at least two Grey Wagtail chicks on the burn are well on the way with their tails coming along nicely.

Ringed Plover chick, maybe two days old at most, photo from very far away and its not big

Sand Martin

Sand Martin

Sand Martin



Juvenile Grey Wagtail

Must be summer if I'm posting flowers

Friday, 12 June 2015

Corn Bunting survey again

I think the Corn Bunting looks better on the oilseed rape than the usual drystane dyke, I couldn't find similar for the Rock Pipit and the Skylark.

Hiding/lying in the dunes today I eventually found Mickey's Ringed Plovers but with only one chick, not sure how many eggs there were. I couldn't get a photo with the wind, light and distance so a video the shakiest I've ever posted will have to do as a record, filmed at 100 times zoom (digital).

Skylark video from Seafield, click here

Shakiest video ever of a Ringed Plover chick, click here

Corn Bunting

Rock Pipit, very near the clifftop


Thursday, 11 June 2015

Garganey re-visited

The Garganey were too far away, 150 metres according to my map software but ever the optimist I tried for a photo anyway and at least got a record shot. I did get closer to the Common Blue Damselflies and the male Yellowhammer singing on the car park hide roof.

Murton, Montrose Basin and Arbroath Harbour

Just a tidy up of my photo folder today so far and it included a bit of a squabble between Black-headed Gulls at Murton where the high water has ruined their breeding attempts this year. The photo below that was taken near to dusk at Inchcape Park, Arbroath where the Iceland Gull is, it's a Peregrine still trying to deliver a neck bite to a squawking Blackbird or Thrush. The Red-breasted Mergansers are late to start breeding and this pair have been hanging around at the Lurgies. There a only a few Sandwich Terns around at Arbroath and the one in the bottom photo was calling for some company.

Black-headed Gulls

Peregrine and soon to be kill

Red-breasted Mergansers

Sandwich Tern, "is their anybody out there"

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Angus and Dundee Bird Club, Glenesk Trip 10/6/2015

The ADBC trip to Glenesk was enjoyed by all today partly due to the arrival of summer and the appearances made by several of the rarer seen birds in the glen. Highlight for me was a pair of Woodcocks seen mating then trying to hide as they do by staying absolutely still, should it be a Woodcock and Woodhen?

On the day we recorded 47 species (I believe) and as you can see below a male Redstart was one of them although it didn't oblige readily for photos and neither did the male Ring Ouzel but I got lucky with that one. I will have Red Kite photos as well but even I've seen enough of them here for a while!

Woodcock video, click here the Redstart one was too shaky!

Redstart male in Glenesk

Same Redstart

Woodcock pair in Glenesk

Stay still Gladys they've seen us

Ring Ouzel male

Common Sandpiper

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

St Cyrus, Mains of Dun and Bridge of Dun - Red-throated Divers!

Not what I was expecting at St Cyrus today, four Red-throated Divers cruising slowly along the beach, two of last years juveniles, one partially in breeding colours and one unknown due to looking into the bright sun and distance,. The photos are brightened to allow ID.

There were only three Common Terns on the beach but that made it easier to concentrate on just them instead of always moving to the one which looked like diving.

The Peregrines (not a secret at St Cyrus) appear to have just one chick and both provided some action when chasing a Fulmar and Jackdaw around for being too close.

There is a small Sand Martin colony at Bridge of Dun and along with House Martins and some Swallows they were feeding on both sides of the bridge with the Sand Martins often taking flies from the rivers surface.

At Mains of Dun just at the start of the path to the hides I found a Spotted Flycatcher feeding from a fence in the corner of the small paddock in front of the farm and a wee bit further on a Blackcap flitting through the trees.

Red-throated Divers, too far out and into the sun

Juvenile in the front

Fish spotted

Line up attack

Got it? Yes but next photo failed!


House Martin

Sand Martin

Spotted Flycatcher

St Cyrus beach

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Garganey at Murton

Despite their best attempts to hide during the afternoon the Garganey pair did show a couple of times when disturbed by a Lapwing and eventually settled at the far end of the pond out of range but in the open! Since this might be my only sighting this year I've included three photos.

Garganey drake video, click here.

Garganey pair video, click here

Garganey Drake

Garganey Drake

Garganey pair

Great Crested Grebe

Little Grebe, actual colours, I've never seen such rich tones so well

It was on me so quick I couldn't fit it in the viewfinder