Saturday, 1 August 2015

Carnoustie Golf Links, Balmossie, Craigmill Den, Arbroath, Tayock and the Lurgies

A bit of a tour over two days, with Ruff which is a first for this year, and a flight photo of one of the two Little Egrets at the Basin.

Little Egret, Montrose Basin, one of two

Osprey, Montrose Basin

Ruff in the distance at Montrose Basin (foreground bird is a Greenshank)

Six Spot Burnet Moth, Tayock. The first I've seen this year and one of seven seen.

Grey Heron, Carnoustie Golf Links

Kestrel, Barry Buddon and Carnoustie Golf Links

Yellowhammer bath time, Carnoustie Golf Links

Black-headed Gull, West Links Arbroath

Kittiwake juvenile with BH Gull, Inchcape Arbroath

Juvenile Starling, West Links

Adult Starling, West Links

Turnstones, Inchcape Arbroath

Oystercatcher, Balmossie, Monifieth. A cheery looking fellow!

Teal in eclipse on the Craigmill Burn (the first I've seen there)

Thursday, 30 July 2015

The waders are returning, well a few so far at Montrose Basin and area

Struggling with too much light on some of these today at Scurdie Ness and the Lurgies, Montrose

Green Sandpiper, Lurgies, photo from a distance then it was scared away

Greenshank, Lurgies

Purple Sandpiper (juvenile?), Scurdie Ness

The Sandwich Tern is being hunted for its fish by this juvenile Black-headed Gull

Sandwich Tern

Velvet Scoter heading south to Lunan Bay

Canada Geese, Lurgies

Last Gannet photo for a while!

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Dolphins to Swallows via Terns and Kittiwakes

Just sit on the rocks at Fishtown of Usan and wait until something flies close enough for a photo, it seemed simple but the weather again was overcast with some drizzle. I'd also been challenged to get a photo of a Swallow flying over the Brothock Burn at Arbroath Harbour which I'd thought impossible unless it was sunny.

Swallow near the "blue toilets"

A different Swallow

Pied Wagtail juvenile

Pied Wagtail

Dolphin at Usan, maybe 20 in three groups

Adult but at least two young ones seen

Kittiwake, Usan also many young ones around

Sandwich Tern, Usan

Cormorant, Usan

Rock Pipit, Usan

Jackdaw at West Links, Arbroath (while I was looking for the Med Gull)

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Arctic Skua and Gannets at Lunan Bay

While on a picnic with grandkids at Lunan Bay on 24/7/2015 this Arctic Skua flew in from the south, briefly approached the roosting gulls and terns before they chased it off. The Gannets were feeding successfully offshore at low tide but I'm hopeful of finding some nearer the beach elsewhere for some close action.

Arctic Skua, 2nd summer

Arctic Skua, 2nd summer

Original photo before crop from around 400 metres away

Gannet, 200 metres out to sea

One of around 12 fishing in the bay