Saturday, 8 August 2015

An update from the week, Murton, Arbroath, Fife and somewhere in the dark!

Despite some "dog days" a few birds of interest have turned up this past week but I didn't get photos of the best ones, a Hobby at Arbroath Cliffs and a Nightjar elsewhere, not even a silhouette. The Tawny Owl was only a few metres away and although I could have used the flash I didn't want to spook the bird, it was much darker than the photo appears. We also managed a trip to Fife Ness where around 350 Shags were lounging on the rocks at low tide.

A Ruff at Murton

Tawny Owl at 10pm one night

The adult Med Gull at West Links Arbroath

Grey Heron with an unfortunate fish at Crail Harbour

Juvenile Grey Wagtail at the Old Brewhouse, Arbroath. Being hassled by two Pied Wagtails.

Pied Wagtail, West Links Arbroath, on the new rock armour.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Scurdie Ness Lighthouse, and a Cuckoo flew in!

A juvenile Cuckoo, not exactly flew into the lighthouse but from across the sea from the north and landed very close to the lighthouse grounds, probably needing a rest.

Flying away after noise at the kissing gate!

Just before being harried by a flock of Linnets and some Swallows

A brief moment of rest near its original landing point

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Waders from Montrose and Arbroath

Knot and Sanderling from the beach at Glaxo, Montrose where I was able to walk to the end of Annat Bank at low tide. All of the others were at Arbroath near to high tide when they are pushed in closer before ultimately flying away at high tide.

Knot, Montrose Beach (Glaxo)

The only three around

Watching me watching him/her?

Sanderling still showing breeding plumage

it stopped for a moment

something disturbed it from the seaward direction

A Whimbrel at Victoria Park Arbroath but the Golden Plover weren't impressed

Along with another two it flew off south calling as they went

Four of the eight quite close in

Still showing some breeding colours

Redshank at Inchcape, Arbroath

Supper time for a Sandwich Tern juvenile

One of thirty Turnstones at Inchcape at high tide, also a few Dunlin flying by