Thursday, 13 August 2015

Great Skua at Scurdie Ness

No excuses for four photos of the Great Skua, they are hard to find and often far away. This one flew by close in when I had the camera set up for a photo of a Guillemot being splashed by the surge so the photos needed work.

Great Skua, Scurdie Ness Montrose

Guillemot, hard as nails I am!


114 Goosanders, and a few Eider. Not all in one photo but most are.

Meadow Brown

Arbroath Cliffs, still a few nesting sea birds around

Although most sea birds have already fledged their young there are still a few Fulmars and Kittiwakes with chicks at Arbroath Cliffs and at Whiting Ness nearby a variety of waders more easily seen before or after the high tide. A Tern roost also at the Ness had around 140 Sandwich Terns and a few Common Terns and on the Steeple Rock were eighty Curlew.

The House Martins still haven't fledged and today it looked like they might but all three (or are there more) were still in the nest at dusk.

Fulmar with large chick

Not known for its looks

My Mum loves me! 

Kittiwake juvenile

Six Spot Burnet Moth

Dunlin at Whiting Ness. Arbroath

Ringed Plover, Whiting Ness

House Martin chicks

Mum or Dad House Martin

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Some waders, a Little Egret and early migration, summers over (before it started)

The first photo appears to show a grey Redshank and I'm assuming it's leucistic or has some other odd mutation but what do I know! It did look the same through binoculars and isn't a camera or light error.
The Little Egret was pretty far away and I'm surprised I got a photo worth posting and the Wheatears, there were two just wouldn't allow me to get close except for the one shot I got below.

At high tide at Rossie Spit large numbers of waders mostly Lapwings, Redshank, Black-tailed Godwits, Oystercatchers and Dunlin were seen but no Curlew Sandpipers or Little Stints which were my target birds there today.

A grey Redshank!!!

Little Egret, Montrose Basin

Wheatear on its way south..........

Golden Plover, Whiting Ness, Arbroath

Knot, Whiting Ness

Juvenile Ringed Plover, West Links, Arbroath

Great Black-backed Gull with a mackerel, the tail missing, probably stolen from an angler and swallowed whole two seconds after this photo.

Monday, 10 August 2015

House Martins - near to fledging

Three photos of a House Martin nest on my neighbours gable, unfortunately as most are it's in the shade but for a short period in the evening so I've had to take these in case they go today. Hopefully they'll hang on for a wee bit of good light later today.

I've only seen three chicks at a time

"Mouth to mouth"

Off for more