Friday, 11 September 2015

Bean Goose and Purple Sandpiper

Starting off with one I'd missed, I took a photos of some Pink-footed Geese at Montrose Basin and originally had missed the Bean Goose below, I had noticed it was different and forgot to check, note to self pay more attention.

The second photo is another bird returning to our shores for the winter (Saturday I believe), it's a Purple Sandpiper seen at Inchcape Park, Arbroath.

The remaining photos are from a recce I did at Carnoustie Golf Links and some from Carnoustie Beach mostly taken into the sun at high tide.

Bean Goose at Miss Erskine's Bank, Montrose Basin

Purple Sandpiper, Inchcape Park Arbroath

Carrion Crow, Carnoustie Golf Links ( and the photos following)



Meadow Pipit

Peacock Butterfly

Red Admiral Butterfly


Tufted Duck

Bar-tailed Godwit, Carnoustie Beach, (and all below this)

Grey Wagtail


Pied Wagtail

Ringed Plover

Rock Pipit



Wheatear, going south

Kinnaber again, with the DSLR

A brighter and dry day so I went back to Kinnaber for a "good" Skua photo but they just didn't come close at all. I think I'd need to be there from half tide to full tide as after high tide it just goes quiet.

Arctic Skua with a Common Scoter as a bonus

Arctic Skua and Kittiwake, a blurred Red-throated Diver in the background

Last Skua photo unless one lands next to me!

Juvenile Common Tern

Red-throated Divers, adults


Small Copper

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Arctic Skuas and Pink-footed Geese

A trip to Kinnaber to hopefully find Skuas and there were three Arctic's hunting along the beach chasing various birds for their catch. Later at the Lurgies at Montrose Basin I found 14 Pink Footed Geese which are the first I've seen this season and maybe a bit earlier this year.

Skua video, click here

Arctic Skuas trying to get the Kittiwake to drop it's food

This time it's a Common Tern which did surrender the fish

Greenshank at the Lurgies

The first Pink-footed Geese I've seen this autumn, Montrose Basin

Yet more Ruff, I've seen more this year than ever before, the Lurgies

Monday, 7 September 2015

Arbroath Cliffs near the season's end.............

Out for a walk along the cliffs to clear Olive's cold, didn't work but I got some photos of the Fulmars before they go. I'll see them again in February when they return, usually at Auchmithie first.

Grey Partridges, cropped but nine in the covey.

Bottlenose Dolphins, looks like three adults and a juvenile

Is she looking for me?

House Sparrow, one of around fifty who daily empty 3 feeders in my garden.

Spotted Redshanks - second attempt

I couldn't resist a sunny afternoon attempt to get a better photo and video of the 2 Spotted Redshanks I'd previously seen at Montrose Basin and although they were still far out on the mud at least the light was good. Canon SX50 100 times zoom (digital).

Spotted Redshanks video, click here

The one feeding is the norm, I've seldom seen them resting

One either side of a Greenshank they're often seen with

Red-breasted Merganser, swam past without noticing me

Sunday, 6 September 2015

A wader post.......they mostly stay still for photographers!

Some photos from nearby in Angus from Friday and Saturday. I couldn't get a decent one of the two Spotted Redshanks at the Lurgies but might try again later today.

Ruff inland near Brechin

Young Common Seal, Montrose Basin

I'm sure there were 7 of these young Red-breasted Mergansers last week at Montrose Basin

Bar-tailed Godwit, Easthaven

Dunlin, Easthaven

Kestrel, Easthaven

Ringed Plover, Easthaven

Swallow, Easthaven

Turnstone, Easthaven

Ruff at Murton

Mute Swan having a stretch, Murton

One of 400 Lapwings at Murton