Friday, 2 October 2015

Grey Plover and Little Egret with flounder

Just the one Little Egret seen today at the Lurgies, Montrose Basin but a brace of Grey Plover were also around and a rarer sight at this end of the basin. Later but not by much two Common Cranes flew in but were seen flying south at 1900.

Grey Plover

Just lining up the flounder it had disturbed with its feet

Now with a flounder shaped bulge in its neck!

Thursday, 1 October 2015

A short tour in Angus, Craigmill, Forfar Loch and Murton

The sunny weather continues but with other things to do a quick tour was in order. I'm disappointed to see Grey Squirrels so far north and closing on Arbroath but I will report the two I saw and hope they can be trapped. A Garganey duck and a Pintail duck had both been reported at Forfar Loch but everything was sleeping or hiding in the afternoon sun. Finally at Murton as well as the multitudes of Greylags a Mallard had three very young ducklings.

Two of these Grey Squirrels at Craigmill Den which I'll report.

Stock Dove, one of a few at Craigmill.

Greenfinch and a rather blue sky in Forfar.

Poor quality, a Lesser Redpoll at Forfar Loch, not a bird I see there very often at all and was one of eight seen.

Shoveler female, one of four at Forfar Loch.

Common Darter Dragonfly at Murton but only two active on a hot day.

Some of around 550 Greylags at Murton

A Mallard with a very late brood of only three, good luck needed.

Kinnaber Links

Some photos of birds from Kinnaber and Tayock, I've been making the most of the good light before winter.

Black-tailed Godwit at Tayock, pre take off preening

Lift off

Flying to shallower water as the tide rose

Dunlin spooked by a female Sparrowhawk, photo further down

Goosander on the North Esk

Pink-footed Geese

Pink-footed Goose, probably injured or shot but didn't seem too bad

Adult Red-throated Diver, Kinnaber

Very pale juvemile Red-throated Diver

Roe Deer


Common Snipe, it flew reasonably straight which is unusual

A large female Sparrowhawk, was chasing the Dunlin unsuccessfully this time

The difficult white birds at Montrose Basin

Not the easiest birds to photograph in bright sunshine, Littel Egrets and Mute Swans so a lot of fiddling with settings to get these.

Little Egret, Lurgies

Fishing for tiny fish

Mute Swan ringed with a green ring NHA

Safe landing

Pink-footed Goose, apparently one of 22,000 this week

Sparrowhawk at the Old Harbour


Synchronised flying

Juvenile and injured Guillemot, Lunan Bay

Maybe not so injured as it looked

Some of my garden birds and others

Some of the every day birds anyone can see in their garden along with an unfortunate episode at Keptie Pond which tirned out OK this time. The Greenfinches never usually leave the shade of the feeder in the front garden but the one below sat out in the sun for a change.


Robin, still not fully moulted



The owner had no control of this dog at Keptie Pond, Swan unhurt, this time


Monday, 28 September 2015

Blood Moon Eclipse 28/9/2015

The next Blood Moon Eclipse being in 2033 I thought I'd better try and get photos of this one as I'll be an old fella by then sitting at home drinking McEwans and Port!

The views at the start of the night, or I should say early morning at 0110 were pretty good although not perfect with just a wee bit of haze in the air but as you'll see below the moisture in the air made good photos impossble. I gave up after driving inland through some patches of mist where it was even worse.

The start of the Penumbral at 0110

The totality near 0310

The phases from 0110 to 0320

And one with a Whimbrel flying through, I know it's a Whimbrel as I pasted it in just like all of those on the web with planes, UFO's etc

Temporary photos so I could link to them at 1200 pixels wide. Must sort this out.