Friday, 23 October 2015

Weekly round up, Sun, Sea and a slightly weird Blackbird

Photos from Easthaven where I do my Webs, my garden, Victoria Park in Arbroath, elsewhere in Arbroath, Monikie and Carnoustie where I found a pair of Grey Partridges next to the high school.

Bar-tailed Godwit video, click here

Bar-tailed Godwits, two of thirteen seen while doing my Webs Count at Easthaven on Sunday, it was a grim day for photography and Olive had her gloves on!

A grey Blackbird currently visiting my garden, best seen when compared with a male and female also around.

There were 678 Golden Plover at Victoria Park Arbroath on Monday, counted on a set of stitched photos. Some shown here.

This Grey Wagtail flew out of the very small ditch at the roadside which flows along the north wall of the Cliffburn Hotel Arbroath.

It was a choice between this Mute Swan and a distant female Teal at Keptie Pond Arbroath this week.

Now from Monikie, one of the many Black-headed Gulls on the Island Pond.

A juvenile Coot preening near the anglers boathouse.

There were around 15 Little Grebes on the North Pond but I just couldn't get one to come close, I'm happy with this one though.

Also at Monikie, one of the many Mallards who have started courtship already.

I believe this behaviour and soaring in the wind in pairs must also be a courtship/bonding thing?

Curlew in the low and orange sunlight at Carnoustie Beach.

Calling as it went, you can see its tonsils, do birds have tonsils?

Another of the waders at Carnoustie, one of 11 Ringed Plovers.

One of two Rock Pipits which landed quite close, just shows "if you stand still" and "walk slowly". Yes I know you can't do both at the same time!

Turnstone in front of where the old paddling pool was at Carnoustie, which was where all of the sunset waders were.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Black Grouse, I like it when a plan turns out as intended

The first three from the Glens and the Buzzard and below all at St Cyrus. The Blackcock was one of 7 seen from the car with 4 more further away, the photos and video were affected by the car vibration but I couldn't risk turning it off in case they flew away.

Blackcock video, click here

Blackcock, in an Angus Glen

Red Grouse

Red Kite P8, Angus

A Buzzard being harried by around 12 Jackdaws, 11 cropped out

Common Scoters unusually close in, well at least for Scoters

Peregrine, Woodpigeon remains further along on a plucking stone

Female Stonechat

Male Stonechat