Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Smew Redhead at Kinnordy Loch

A slightly better Smew video this time taken at Kinnordy from the East Hide on 26/10/2015. Apparently it left the far away bank and came closer after we left to get stuck in a ditch at Backwater Dam, thanks to the young woman with the Land Rover who pulled the car out.
Note, I'd pulled onto the verge to let a lorry past and the front nearside drive wheel sunk while at the same time the rear nearside also had found a wheel sized hole!

Smew at Kinnordy video, click here

Smew Redhead, East Hide Kinnordy

Golden Plover Kinnordy

Peregrine juvenile, Kinnordy

The Great Escape, Balgavies

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Smew, Redhead at Balgavies

No photo of the Smew at Balgavies on Saturday 24/10/2015 but I'll try again for one and a better video than the one at the link below if it stays around.

Smew video, click here