Saturday, 14 November 2015

A daylight fishing Otter and some firsts for a few sites in Angus

This weeks round up with an Otter fishing mid afternoon on Forfar Loch in front of the viewing platform. The hunt continued past the leisure centre and up to the rugby pitches. Other photos from around Angus and I'm confident I've shown that there are two Smews, one at Balgavies and the other at Kinnordy.

Otter, Forfar Loch

Chewing on something, most likely a fish. It did get the ducks attention as it past by

Female Pochard scared by a boat at Monikie

Female Pochard, before it was scared

Smew Redhead (female) still at Balgavies

A Cormorant at Monikie, sinking under the weight of a large trout stuck in its throat

A different Cormorant drying its feathers near Scurdie Ness

One of many Gadwall at Forfar Loch

A first this year at Keptie Pond, one of two Goosanders

Great Crested Grebe in the gloaming at Balgavies

Kestrel near Carmyllie

Kestrel at Elliot (female)

A distant Kingfisher on the Lunan

I think this is a first sighting of a Magpie at Keptie Pond, Arbroath

Red-breasted Merganser, Lunan Bay

Red-throated Diver, Lunan Bay

Rock Pipit near Scurdie Ness lighthouse

Turnstones at Elliot on a dull stormy day

Monday, 9 November 2015

Red Kites in Angus

There were probably five different Red Kites flying in the same area in one of the Angus Glens today. I took photos of three wing tagged birds and got enough detail to see they were different birds and one of the photos below is of a Kite without tags, the first I've seen.

I believe this Red Kite is "P8"

Most likely the same Kite.

My first photo of a Kite without tags which I'm sure means it's a bird born recently.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Hen Harrier at Kinnordy, the absolutely last Great White Egret photo and some from Carnoustie Golf Links

The Hen Harrier although seen on four occasions never ventured far away from the far side of Kinnordy but given the light and distance I think I've managed to capture the features and essence of the bird. The Egret photo is one of a few I've taken when there was a bit more light and a bit less wind and mist hence the reflection.

All of the other photos were taken near dusk or in the gloom of the recent autumn days but at least this freaky weather has produced some unusual bird experiences, especially the very large numbers of Snipe at Kinnordy.

Hen Harrier on the far side of Kinnordy, from the East Hide

The best light and perhaps the closest it has come yet.

I'd counted 85 Snipe at Kinnordy, a count on 8/11/2015 suggests over 160.

Goldcrest near the practice course parking at Carnoustie Golf Links, one of four.

A new species at Carnoustie Golf Links, a Pochard drake in eclipse (or is it a first winter) with a drake Tufted Duck. I also added a Woodcock to the links list the same day.

Sparrowhawk at Carnoustie Golf Links, one of three.

One of three Purple Sandpipers at the mouth of the Lochty Burn, Carnoustie.

The Montreathmont Hide Wren.