Saturday, 21 November 2015

Short-eared owls, they keep on giving...........

A very busy Elliot today with visitors and photographers from further afield chasing the five Short-eared Owls around the golf course and dunes. My plan and it worked was to sit still in my car and let the owls come to me, and they did. At one point one was about to land on my roof-rack when at the last moment it must have seen me and changed it's mind, banking just in front of the windscreen. I did see some interaction between two birds and for the first time one of the so-called "young ones" which surely must be a runt as it's noticeably smaller than the others?

Views, with the intention of inspiring Lorna and Lauren

I'm trying out this new layout and posting some views for two acclaimed artists I know in the hope they'll go out and better my efforts. Taken with various cameras when I was but a lad!

Probably taken with a fast shutter to emphasise the colours

At Boysack Mill

Forfar Loch, camera at foot level

Arbroath harbour, taken on a very old camera, again from feet level

Elliot lagoon

The Foghorn, Arbroath

Glen Lethnot

Carnoustie Beach

West links, Arbroath

Shelduck Hide, Montrose Basin

The Slunks, Montrose Basin

Friday, 20 November 2015

Sunshine on a Short-eared Owl

Short-eared Owl sitting on a post at the green-keepers sheds at Elliot Golf Course. Photo taken from the car as I drove along the track.

Change of layout, comments please if it doesn't work on your device.
Photos now posted cropped to 1200 pixels but should display larger in the blog. Blogspot shrinks full size photos whatever I do.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Short-eared Owls still at Elliot

Only 30 minutes today when it didn't rain in Arbroath, fortunately just when the Short-eared Owls were hunting. I have another photo of two together just over the 18th green, good views from the 19th hole I'd guess!

Multiple Snipe at Kinnordy video, click here

Just in case there was any doubt about where the Owls are..........

I was spotted but it didn't fly off

On the 18th fairway

Kinnordy, Lintrathen, Lurgies and back to Elliot

The weather is changing and the water levels on the lochs are rising and the time for winter wildfowl has arrived. The Snipe at Kinnordy remain in large numbers but it can't be long till they move towards the coast.

Snipe at Kinnordy, click here

Shoveler drake, click here,

A Shoveler drake which came in very close to the Gullery Hide at Kinnordy when I was the only fool still there in the gloom and cold.

Some of the 220 Snipe even ventured closer.

High ISO but modern cameras seem to handle that well.

One of only three Whoopers around.

A Goldeneye from the elevated hide at Lintrathen.

This Little Grebe was so close sometimes I couldn't get a photo through the grasses below the hide.

One of around twelve Fieldfares up the Lurgies path.

This is surely the largest salmon I've ever seen a seal with, just before I clicked it submerged slightly hiding the full length of the fish.

One more of a Short-eared Owl at Elliot where it's been reported that one of the Owls has killed a Kestrel!

Not just Owls at Elliot, there are at least four Stonechats and some Reed Buntings. There will also be some Snipe but I'm leaving them in peace.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Short-eared Owl again but in sunlight, hooray!

Still two Short-eared Owls around at Elliot near Arbroath, dog walkers say there were four. Photos from 0830 to 0915 in low sun on Monday 16/11/2015.

Still not a good video, here

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Short-eared Owl

Not much of a photo or video at all so I'll try again if the weather obliges and the Long-tailed Ducks were too far out. Hey ho it's winter.

Another Short-eared Owl attempt

Long-tailed Ducks

Purple Sandpipers at Scurdie Ness

Tree Sparrow

Short-eared Owl filmed in grim light and pouring rain at Arbroath Golf Course.