Saturday, 19 December 2015

Smew, who Barney McGrew............

A Drake Smew reported at Monikie got me started for the day and I ended up at Barry Buddon by mistake and found another Short-eared owl, a Fieldfare, a Stonechat and a Merlin which very considerately sat on a post for me although far away. Also from Kinnordy and Lintrathen a Crossbill very high in a tree and some Whoopers at a great distance but still Ok!!

No light for good ones, forecast is sun for Tuesday!!

Merlin video, click here                                   Smew video, click here

Crossbill video, click here                               Whooper Swans, click here

Merlin, 600mm zoom cropped


Canon SX60 this time, 130 zoom cropped

Smew drake at Monikie in drizzle and what felt like darkness!

Kestrel near Monikie School

Lighthouse, Barry Buddon