Friday, 15 January 2016

Glaucous Gull juvenile at Westhaven

A Glaucous Gull today at Westhaven feeding on a seal carcass. Despite the gull being disturbed and flying away from the carcass it did return each time, obviously it couldn't leave such a large meal. I originally found it nearby eating a dead octopus washed up after last weeks storms.

The first video at the carcass loses focus due to the low light, the second is OK and taken when brighter out on the rocks.

Glaucous Gull eating a seal carcass, click here,

Glaucous Gull video 2, click here,

Snow Buntings at Glenshee

A once a year visit to Glenshee Ski Centre for Snow Buntings today and due to people feeding them they appear to favour an area in the car park. You'd think that would make photography simple but they never stopped moving as they gorged on the plentiful seed provided by many, but not me. We also saw Ptarmigan, Red Grouse flushed by a very low helicopter and three Ravens.

Filmed on my DSLR and over-exposed in the sun, the sound has been reduced to 2% of the wind noise

The only Ptarmigan I saw and very high up despite the gale blowing

This Roe Deer hind was just to the left of the Ptarmigan

Whooper Swans at Kinnordy

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Bittern at Montrose Basin, 13/1/2016

Ron Mitchell found this Bittern in front of the Bank of Scotland Hide at the SWT Montrose Basin. These photos show it hiding in the reeds near the sea wall but I look forward to seeing Ron's photos taken when the Bittern crossed open ground between two of the salt pans.

The video is in HD on YouTube, click below to view or click through to YouTube.

Bittern looking skyward or was it looking at the hide?

A master of camouflage

The Grey Heron, no camo and happy to fish in the open

Monday, 11 January 2016

Some fowl fae Forfar

A bit of a failed plan today as the Slavonian Grebe recently seen at Forfar Loch wasn't seen by me or other birders looking very hard. Add that to a wasted trip to Scone Palace where the gates were locked, times are as follows just now, 5th February to 20th March 2016 only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 10am and 4pm.

9 of 12 Magpies at Forfar Loch (at least 12)

Reed Bunting

Shoveler drakes in a bit of a moult

Monikie, no sign of a Smew but 9 Pochards. Olive wanted this one posted.

An unusual number, 38 Great black-backed gulls with a few Herring Gulls at Murton from the Gladstone Hide. Please note that Murton has closed the paths due to flooding.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Avocet in Angus

An Avocet found by members of Angus and Dundee Bird Club on a club trip along the Angus Coast. These were never going to be the best photos of this rare visitor on a dull day and at distance but hey-ho it might hang around for a sunny day and come closer.

Avocet video in HD, click here,

Octopus wreck at Auchmithie and another weird photo......

In a small area of the shingle beach at Auchmithie today I counted 17 dead Octopus and 4 Ling, all casualties of the strong easterly winds and huge seas of late. Perhaps a good sign was there were no dead birds or had the gulls just eaten then all? I've also included an older photo taken in my overgrown garden (wildlife garden) of a visit by some Starlings, 227 of them to be precise!

Octopus, deceased at Auchmithie

227 Starlings, they stayed for about 4 minutes a few years ago