Thursday, 4 February 2016

Angus Glens in February

A drive-by in some of the glens looking for Grouse and Raptors.

I did find the red version of the grouse, Red Kites, Ravens and Buzzards and near Purners Brig upstream from Edzell, Buzzards were stacking six to my south and five to the north. I've seen one stack before with six but never two stacks viewable from one place.

Big Garden Birdwatch Tree Sparrows, click here,

Red Grouse in an early morning sun

A bit later the light changed

In Glenesk, I note this bird has a green ring on its right leg?

Red-legged Partridge, one of fourteen

Mistle Thrush

A Goosander drake at the Lurgies with a neck deformity, perhaps some fishing line on the outside or worse a fishing hook on the inside

A few Corn Bunting at Boghead but the Peregrine below and its mate were also around, hopefully after the ducks on the pond and not these rare Corn Buntings. Photo from distance as they were very unsettled.

Just caught in the distant as it left towards the fields

Monday, 1 February 2016

Big Garden Birdwatch and around the Arbroath area

The Big Garden Birdwatch and the first thing I see is a Rabbit. I did get a good survey done though, highlights were, 8 Tree Sparrows, a Wren and 49 Starlings all at once, totalling 14 species.

Some from Keptie Pond in Arbroath where we reckon the Gadwall are a first sighting.

Some of 22 species I found on my first 2016 survey at Carnoustie Golf Links.

Finally, a Dipper and Crow both along the Brothock Burn.

Rabbit, did you guess?


Gadwall drake on Keptie Pond

Gadwall duck

The pair

The Buzzard that spooked everything at Keptie Pond

A Coot not squabbling with another for once

Cormorant sitting very low in the water

The new male Mute Swan at Keptie Pond which appeared after the death of the incumbent, but was he involved in that!

The only cygnet left, the other two have already been driven off by the new male and this one isn't getting in the water when the male is near

A wee bit of Tufted Duck courtship at Keptie

Bullfinch at Carnoustie Golf Links

Whooper Swan also at Carnoustie, a first for the site I believe

A Dipper on the Brothock Burn in Arbroath, I'll report it to the ringer

Carrion Crow in the St Vigeans Cemetery