Saturday, 27 February 2016

Hen Harrier again

More photos of the Hen Harrier male, but still taken from one side of a field to the other on another day when the forecast sun didn't appear. In the sequence it tries to drive a Buzzard away from the area it was hunting in but eventually gave up and moved on.

The closest it ever got, but believe me it's still far away

Hunting, all of the buntings and linnets scattered

A prolonged attack on a Buzzard which failed

A determined character, especially when you see the size difference

The size comparison obvious in this photo

The Harrier means business in this one but the Buzzard isn't impressed

It's got the Buzzard's attention but to no avail and it gave up after this

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Hen Harrier on the Angus coast

Some half decent photos and some I've put in because the subjects were just too far away but still of interest and warranted a photo.

A male Hen Harrier, too far for a photo and over-exposed but it's the first male I've ever seen so it's in

Peregrine, then it went and chased the pigeons

Female Reed Bunting

Male Reed Bunting

Skylark. one of may seen

Another Skylark from a different angle

I just couldn't get close to this Corn Bunting which looked to be staking a claim to a territory

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Grey Plovers having a "foam party" on the beach

In between my many chores I sneaked out to Elliot hoping to find the Grey Plovers below and on the way back checked Keptie Pond and Whiting Ness where two Snow Bunting were still around. There could have been more but they were quite far into the field and difficult to see in the stubble.

Grey Plovers, not snow but foam on the beach


Still at Whiting Ness, this Herring Gull is a constant and may be attracted to food discarded after dark by "courting couples"

One of many Jackdaws at Keptie Pond, Arbroath

Scaup, Pintails, Red-throated Diver and sun at Montrose Basin

A day at Montrose Basin and it was sunny and yet I spent a lot of my time in the Wigeon Hide watching the waders and ducks. Elsewhere I managed to find a Scaup and was surprised by a Red-throated Diver. The poor photos of the Dunnock at the bottom of this post show some kind of growth on its face and eye?

Scaup Drake video, click here,      Pintails video, click here,

Scaup drake at Maryton Ditch but distant

Red-throated Diver also Maryton

Pintails near Rossie Mills

Wigeon spooked by a Peregrine at the Wigeon Hide and can you spot another duck species?


This Dunnock at the Twite feeding station appears to have growths on the bridge of its beak and its left eye

Doesn't look healthy and I got quite close for a Dunnock