Friday, 18 March 2016

Sixteen high ISO photos from a week of gloomy weather

The best at the start and then some of the rarer visitors and finishing off with some photos from Montreathmont Forest taken during my visits to check and fill the feeders. As you can see the Goshawk wasn't seen on one of the dull cold days this week.

Latest videos including Iceland Gull, Puffins and Green Woodpecker, click here,

Goshawk, thought to be a 2nd plumage bird, another photo showed the upper wing to be brown


Iceland Gull 1st winter, Forfar Loch

Some of the Puffins still have dusky heads, not fully moulted into breeding plumage

Five of nineteen seen near Auchmithie

Fulmars near Auchmithie

Keptie Pond, Arbroath 
Grey Heron with a rather ambitious branch for nest building

Tufted Duck, lured from the water by seed, someone obviously knows not to feed bread

Tufted Drake with a serious look

Montreathmont Hide
Dunnock in the gloom below the feeders

Goldfinch, not many around probably due to the mild winter, finding plenty of food elsewhere

Long-tailed Tit

Long-tailed Tit

Siskin female, this one and it's mate below seem to be the only Siskins coming in

Siskin male

Yellowhammer, on the feeder for a change instead of picking at the seed the others throw away

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Corrie to Coast and a few birds inbetween

A few photos from the last period of decent weather spanning from Easthaven where I did my Webs count on Sunday through to Glen Clova where the recent floods have taken a toll on the bank at the car park and the bridge upstream from Moulzie which has been destroyed. Access to Bachnagairn is now along the south bank of the river joining the track from the ford at Moulzie, this route isn't a structured path and is for the sure footed.

Frogs courting, Ravens in pairs and a Peacock Butterfly, the first true signs of spring.

Looking west from the footbridge at the top of the riverside path which starts at the west end of the car park and picnic area at the Ranger Centre, Glen Clova

The first Common Frog we've found this year, mum I think

I think this one's a male and was in a pool with about a dozen more

The only spawn we found

Golden Eagle adult which was never close and flying above the tops

Same eagle admiring its domain from on high

What was the bridge upstream of Moulzie where the footpath crossed

The Kinnordy Loch Black-headed Gull raft, not pretty but if it works then perhaps other rafts could be placed in the areas not visible from the main hide

First and last Red Squirrel photo unless I get something very unusual

Wigeon drake at Kinnordy

One of eight Stock Doves seen near Easthaven while doing my Webs count

Cormorant in breeding plumage at Easthaven