Friday, 25 March 2016

Peregrines mating at St Cyrus, and a Glaucous Gull at Gourdon

I could have made a better job of these photos from St Cyrus had I bothered to take my tripod but being a lazy sod I didn't. The female is still encouraging the male to bond/mate and when ready she shuffles into a space and crouches which the male responds to.

I didn't stop to see the Iceland Gull just north of St Cyrus, instead I went on to Gourdon where a Glaucous Gull 1st winter bird is showing well and even came in for a look at one point, although it may have been more interested in the clam boat which had just berthed.

Glaucous Gull at Gourdon, preening on the harbour wall, click here for the video,

Ravens at St Cyrus, click here for video,

Kittiwakes at Arbroath Cliffs, click here for video,

Peregrines mating

Glaucous Gull 1st winter at Gourdon Harbour, much bigger than the sitting Herring Gull

It looks like it could swallow a bowling ball

Curious, it came in very close

Eider drake displaying and calling, also near in at Gourdon

Eider duck

Roe Deer near the centre at St Cyrus

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Peregrines making new Peregrines!

I was waiting for a bit of sunlight for a photo and passing the time by filming a female Peregrine sitting on a cliff in Aberdeenshire when its partner flew in and mated. Afterwards she appeared, at least to me to eject his contribution then go on a high speed "celebration" flight around the cliff-tops.
Also Murton, Montreathmont and St Vigeans photos.

Peregrines mating, for video click here,

Also at the same site a visiting Red Kite being seen off by the male of a pair of Ravens

Variable light, but this a wee bit better

A quick retreat with the camera in case this actually turned out to be rain

It's my island, an ongoing series of disputes over the very small island slowly appearing at Murton NR. The water needs to recede quickly as everything wants a piece to nest on


The Black-headed Gulls were having a go at everyone including this young Herring Gull

Song Thrush in front of the car park hide at Murton, also a pair of Long-tailed Tits flying back and forwards and nearly through the hide windows

Now five Siskins at Montreathmont Hide

One of a very few remaining Teal at St Vigeans where the farmer is having the flooded field drained which will mean no more winter ducks and waders