Saturday, 7 May 2016

Garden birds while waiting for the postie

I waited in all day for a parcel, one which may fix my car's instrument cluster but of course it didn't arrive. I did take some photos in my garden and tried my own patience by attempting to get House Martin shots in flight but they were always too high. These are mostly taken from inside my kitchen.

House Martin, maybe one of the pair nesting on my neighbours gable

The most colourful of at least eight Greenfinches still coming to my front garden feeder

Still two Tree Sparrows coming in, or is there more coming in pairs

Blackbird with the sun on the right side for a change

I wondered where the grey scum on my pond surface came from, it just shows how dusty these Feral Pigeons get

Quite a number of Starlings visiting my protected feed in an old rabbit run, including one which was ringed in Montrose

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Action if not always quality, time for Terns again

My first Common Tern of the year on the beach near Glaxo in Montrose and some of the Sandwich Terns which have been around for a while now. I'm posting photos with something going on instead of slightly better ones in the usual poses. Some other photos from around Montrose below and even two lambs as requested by Olive. Posting might be interrupted due to a car issue which I hope to resolve quickly.....

Common Tern and sand eel

Not sharp but as you can see in the next photo, successful

Another of many sand eels the Sandwich Terns caught

The hover

Some of 46 Black-tailed Godwits still hanging around the Basin, at least six are ringed

Little Ringed Plover, distant as usual

This Shelduck wasn't aware I was there till it landed, then it left again

Shoveler drake at Kinnordy

Starling in my garden

One of two Goldfinches coming to my garden for the first time this year

Cute or tasty, depends on your point of view I guess

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Signs of spring at last........maybe

It's now Sunday May 1st and it looks like a change to spring weather may happen this week. The birds haven't waited for the change and below is a Willow Warbler singing, Marsh Harriers already nesting, and a lonely Lapwing with a nest probably doomed to fail.

A Willow Warbler high in a tree near the cafe at Murton NR, it's one of three singing in the area and further down the path network around the reserve a pair of Lesser Redpoll are nesting in the scrub

Marsh Harriers, the male above the female has just delivered a small yellow bird which the female has caught in flight. I hope it wasn't the Channel Wagtail which had been seen on the previous two days but not on Saturday when I was there (of course)

The only photo I managed to get of a Buzzard near to the road at Magungie House near Arbroath. My camera just doesn't like the vibration of my car running even though it's being handheld

A Lapwing taking a brief break from nest duty at Murton between sitting and chasing off crows. The lack of nesting opportunities resulting in few pairs nesting is likely to mean most of the few nests will be predated. The Black-headed Gulls haven't yet given up trying to nest on the main pond but the water levels are now as high as winter and there are no islands to nest on