Friday, 24 June 2016

Ythan Estuary - King Eider 2016

A busy week hence no posts until today and starting with this years photos of the King Eider Drake at the Ythan Estuary, Newburgh, Aberdeenshire. Also some of the other wildlife at Ythan mouth. Below these are Damselflies and Butterflies from Carnoustie Golf Links and then some of the new life in and around my garden.

All of these including the insects taken with the Tamron 150-600mm, should have used a tripod though. Just noticed I've used the wrong script, resize to 1000 pixels instead of 1200. I'm not changing them now!!

Colours look to be towards eclipse

Feeding with the Common Eiders

The distinctive "sails" showing well

Arctic Tern

Same Arctic Tern

Common Tern

Common Terns at the river mouth

Grey Seal, one of perhaps 800-1000 seals at the river mouth

Fledgling Sand Martin

Adult Sand Martins guarding at least one fledgling in this nest hole

Cygnets on Carnoustie Golf Links

Azure Damselfly male, at Carnoustie Golf Links

Azure Damselfly female

Blue-tailed Damselfly

Common Blue Damselflies, you should be able to see the packet of sperm the male is offering where they are joined

Common Blue Butterfly male

Same Common Blue

Ringlet Butterfly

Dunnock juvenile


Greenfinch juvenile

Lapwing, Kinneil Lagoon, Forth

Swift from my garden

Woodpigeon which landed above the House Martin nest I'm surveying

Silver Ground Carpet Moth                                                                                                           

Latticed Heath Moth

Monday, 20 June 2016

Black Guillemot at Scurdie Ness

After a long walk surveying Corn Buntings I decided to take it easy and sit on the rocks at Scurdie Ness hoping to see a Skua or some Gannets feeding close in and there it was, a Black Guillemot a bird I've never seen before. Just after texting the report out I found a new way to lose a bird, it was flushed by a school of dolphins. Luckily it was re-located at Mains of Usan and its last location was back at Scurdie. Also other birds from Scurdie and some from the early morning Corn Bunting surveys.

Black Guillemot, but distant, for video click here

Black Guillemot, far out baby, and it was...........

This Common Tern used the post as a perch just like a Kestrel and dropped down to take a sand eel

Eider, after being spooked by the dolphins

Meadow Pipit not happy about me being near its nest so I moved on

A "ringed" Ringed Plover, one of a pair which I suspect have new chicks hiding in the rocks

Sedge Warbler on the track to the lighthouse

Summer plumage Turnstones, returning or I think they may not have left

Linnet from one of my surveys

Skylark from the other survey

Mallard ducklings, they look good enough to eat and something probably will