Friday, 29 July 2016

"Up the Glen an' doon the beach", and places in-between, a bit of this weeks round up

From the top I've included photos from, Lochlee in Glenesk, Arbroath, Montrose Basin, Murton NR and Craigmill beach near Easthaven. At Montrose Basin many of the returning wader species have arrived in varying numbers with Greenshank (14) Black-tailed Godwit (5), Knot (3), Dunlin (23), Lapwing (c250), Curlew (50+), and a Little Egret has been seen but is elusive, well at least to me so far. One notable sighting at Lochlee was three Ospreys soaring over the Shank of Inchgrundle at the west end of the loch and a separate Osprey fishing at the east end.

Pied Wagtail with a moth near Invermark

One of many Small Heath butterflies at Lochlee

A young Spotted Flycatcher with two adults and perhaps another two youngsters at Inchgrundle. Also seen there, Lesser Redpoll and Siskin

Swallow at Invermark car park

Adult Wheatear near the Falls of Unich

One of the bird above's offspring with a bit to go yet before migrating

"The purple 'o' the heather", Lochlee looking east

Two new small hydro schemes, one at each end of Lochlee

Med Gull adult with Black-headed Gull near the play park at West Links Arbroath

One of a few Ospreys visiting Montrose Basin

Pink footed Goose, left behind or possibly injured, thirteen others who are able to fly also on the Basin

Grey Heron, not the Little Egret I was looking for............

Juvenile Little Grebe with an unusual preening style at Murton NR

Another view

A Noon Fly also at Murton

Sand Martin near Murton's nest wall

Ringed juvenile Shag at Craigmill Beach, green DAL and likely ringed this year on the Isle of May

Sandwich Tern watching the Black-headed Gull landing at Inchcape Park Arbroath in the low evening sunlight

Wrong camera and far away! The first returning Purple Sandpiper also at Inchcape

One of this years Tree Sparrow fledglings and the first I've seen in my garden. The adults have only been missing for about 6 weeks, last year they were absent most of the summer