Thursday, 4 August 2016

Black-throated Diver and juvenile Marsh Harriers

I can't say where the Diver was or someone would have to kill me, the Marsh Harriers at Kinnordy aren't a secret though, just elusive a lot of the time. I didn't manage a photo of the three Greyhens on the road during a recent trip but good to see as it's usually the showy Blackcocks.

The photo doesn't do it justice compared to a scope or even binoculars

Juvenile Marsh Harrier

Monday, 1 August 2016

Still quiet but new life all around

It's my rota week looking after the hide and I managed to get a few photos of a Jay coming to the table. I counted 13 species on a hot day with young Siskins, Willow Warblers, Robin and Blue, Coal and Great Tit chicks. On the way back we came across what looked like a sick Siskin chick on the path but we shouldn't have worried as it eventually woke up and flew away as I stood over it!

The weather although warm (for Scotland) continues to be showery and the light comes and goes continually. I'd like to get back to the Sand Martin wall at Murton in some decent light as there's so much action with all the young birds there.

Jay in Montreathmont Forest

Tempted in by mixed dried fruit

One of many second broods of Sand Martins at the concrete wall at Murton NR

Two recently fledged Sand Martin chicks, I couldn't tell whether they were helping with the new broods or hindering by begging food

Yellowhammer singing in his territory

Fox and Cubs at Murton

Hoverflies just about everywhere just now and many species

Green-veined White at the cliffs near Auchmithie

Two of around twenty Shags south of Auchmithie

A constant at the Old Harbour, Montrose Basin, a Black-headed Gull ringed in Norway, J4U3, limping a bit on the non-ringed leg

My pet Dunnock feeding in the safety cage, old rabbit run which keeps the cats and Sparrowhawk at bay

Sparrowhawk food, these House Sparrow chicks are a second brood and sitting perilously in the open

More but older House Sparrows

A Dracula like pose for this Starling. Another young bird has appeared with only a metal ring which I've part read but it doesn't come in often

The Starlings make good use of the safety cage and easily go through the 50 mm mesh. The Blackbirds can do the same with slightly less ease