Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Ruff at Forfar Loch

Forfar Loch gets a few waders each year after the breeding season and non more elegant than Ruff. This one was on the spit at the sailing club along with a Little Ringed Plover. The Long-tailed Tit and Robin chick were both near the feeders at Kinnordy Loch.

Ruff......nice. Olive thought it was weird when I started rubbing my thighs, Chris Packham style

I think its seen me but maybe it was the Buzzard calling that got its attention

In the gloom near the feeding station at Kinnordy

A Robin chick scuttling about on the path and leaf litter

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Arctic Skuas - Ythan Estuary Newburgh

I'd travelled to the Newburgh area in hope that a White-winged Black Tern might still be there, it wasn't. Never mind, the back up was the recently sighted Humpback Whale which never showed for the large number of people on the beach either. Fortunately at least three dark phase and one light phase Arctic Skuas were constantly harassing the terns, often close in and sometimes up the estuary mouth where the terns were roosted.
I migh be tempted to go back if the sun shines when I'd hope to get better quality and there must be plenty of small fish around if a Humpback is hanging around to feed the terns/skuas.

Sort this out if you can and you'll see the fish the Sandwich Tern just gave up under pressure from three Arctic Skuas, the 2nd summer light phase one did get the fish

2nd summer light phase bird, easy to pick out from the dark phase ones and easier to get a photo in the poor light

Another Sandwich Tern lost the fish in this one, the skua was briefly in the water this time

Complete with its plunder

the last light phase photo

dark phase Arctic Skua