Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Red Kite at Ythan Estuary!!!

Well it is a kite and it's red!!!

Other birds seen at the Ythan, still some terns but less than a week before, only one Arctic Skua but a large flock of mainly Herring Gulls in a feeding frenzy when a shoal of bait fish got caught inshore as the tide went out. The Humpback Whale was seen breaching just south near Blackdog but not by me and later swam north past the Ythan towards Collieston.

Others from Forvie NNR, Fife Ness where I managed to photograph 39 Shag darvic rings, Ringed Plovers just about everywhere just now and Greenshanks and other waders increasing at Montrose Basin. Lastly, peformance cars at Crail.

Red Kite

On a serious note, this Grey Seal at the Ythan has what looks like a piece of plastic stuck around its neck which has caused a huge injury which has cut into its blubber

Gannet at Fife Ness

Second bird quite close inshore

Grey Heron at Sand Loch Forvie NNR

Dark Green Fritillary Butterfly, Forvie

Fox Moth caterpillar, Forvie

Juvenile Ringed Plover at Arbroath

Adult Ringed Plover

Greenshank at Montrose Basin

Tyre destruction at Crail Raceway/Airfield near Kilminning and Fife Ness