Saturday, 17 September 2016

Shoveler fest, Marsh Harrier and Black Dragonfly

There were a dozen Shoveler at Kinnordy on Friday and they take top billing in front of the Marsh Harriers as they're the new arrivals and still in their moult. The two juvenile Harriers now have a finished look to their plumage and their flight and hunting techniques also look more refined.

The Black Dragonfly was what I'd been looking for and initially I thought it was a Common Darter but it's either a female or immature male Black, I never saw any mature males but I didn't get down to the area where I've seen them in the past.

The last two photos are from the Gayfield area in Arbroath where the Med Gull was preening on Chalmers roof and the Common Terns were still resting on the concrete pillars at the sewage works.

Male and female Shovelers coming in



Junior, looking out of proportion, how could it not with a bill like that

Marsh Harrier juvenile


Black Dragonfly female or immature male

Lapwing, one of many being spooked by the Harriers but a Peregrine I didn't see is their real threat

Med Gull with the Black-headed Gulls in a late afternoon light barely shining through the cloud

One of the Common Terns, how much longer will they stay?

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Arctic Skua, Sparrowhawk and a very dodgy Surf Scoter photo

Probably the worst screen grab further down the page but given the distance the bird was offshore and the mist it's a wonder I got anything at all. I gave up after talkng this and went looking for small birds in the dunes and the Sparrowhawk below meant all was very quiet there.

Arctic Skua, Lunan Bay. One of four around and this one had a go at some of the gulls

Common Tern, soon to be not around

Juvenile Sparrowhawk, currently I'm seeing one just about everywhere I go, or is it the same one following me!!

The worlds worst Surf Scoter screen grab at Lunan Bay filmed through the mist which didn't lift all day

An early morning photo of a Tufted Duck at Keptie Pond, another photo from my day without wheels

Still a few young Coots at Keptie Pond, and some Moorhen chicks as well

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Arbroath birds - car in garage, still not old enough for a bus pass, but near............

Some photos taken while passing the time when my car was getting a new wheel bearing. Also a few from Montrose Basin and Scurdie Ness on a very warm September day.

Juvenile Ringed Plover at Arbroath Harbour

Dunlin, Arbroath Harbour

Another Dunlin

Common Gull, getting closer to full adult plumage

One of the Brothock Burn Grey Wagtails, taken in poor light

The Robin who thinks it owns my garden

The Tree Sparrow who thinks otherwise

Juvenile Peregrine seen from the Bank of Scotland Hide at the SWT Centre, Montrose Basin

Goosander flying out to sea near Scurdie Ness Lighthouse

Still warm enough for butterflies, this one a Painted Lady, and at the BOS Hide there were quite a number of Common Darter Dragonflies around and active