Saturday, 8 October 2016

Barnacle Goose, Murton NR

Just two photos from a walk today after my hide duty. A single Barnacle Goose in with the Greylags in front of the Gladstone Hide at Murton NR near Forfar. Also a photo of a wet Goldcrest at Auchmithie which may well have just flown in from the sea?

Barnacle Goose, the grass in front of the hide ruined the photo, I couldn't get the height from the hide to avoid it

Goldcrest, looks more than just wet from the short drizzle shower we'd had, needs a good preen

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Drake Pintail and Gadwall

A round up from Kinnordy, Forfar Loch, Arbroath Harbour and Montreathmont Forest. The Pintail was just too wary to come close to the hide and eventually decided it wasn't for him and he flew off towards the east end of the loch at Kinnordy. The Gadwall at Forfar Loch are quite approachable so if the sun comes out good photos are likely. It was just a bit dull when I was there.

Pintail video clip (crop), click here,

Drake Pintail at Kinnordy Loch

One of perhaps 30 Gadwall sitting on the weed raft at Forfar Loch Leisure Centre

I stood in cover supporting a heavy lens for ages waiting for the strike on a Roach at Keptie Pond, it didn't come as a woman flushed it trying to get a photo on her iPhone. I'm sure it would have tolerated and Android device unless it was a Samsung on fire!!

Still two adult Common Terns with a juvenile each at Arbroath Harbour, one of the two above

One of Forfar Lochs many Magpies

Just working out the best strategy to get at the peanuts in a feeder

A part recovered recovered photo of what might have been a juvenile Med Gull. It had been deleted too long on an SD card which is well used and part is over written. To compound this I'd wrongly said it was a 2nd summer to 2nd winter which I have photographed in previous years. The positive is, mistakes make me read reports more carefully and check ID's in books more often and rigorously.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

White-tailed Eagle "white L" in Angus

The worst photo here takes top billing because it's a White-tailed Eagle immature with wing tags white L. It was seen by an ADBC member who saw it fly from a field into the distant trees. The photo was taken from the road 270m away so as not to disturb the bird so other people might see it.

The other photos were all taken from the Tayock Hide at Montrose Basin on a day with good light which coincided with the tide bringing the birds up with it.

Bar-tailed Godwit video, click here,

Pintails video, click here, cropped from original

White-tailed eagle video from 270 metres, click here,  filmed in a strong wind

White-tailed Eagle, honest! Other photos clearly showed the wing tags "white L"

Pink-footed Goose at Montrose Basin on tiptoes, just a wee bit too pink in the bright light

Many Pink-footed Geese preening alongside Shelducks and in the foreground two Pintails


Bar-tailed Godwit, more usually it's Black-tailed that are seen and more common on the Basin



Monday, 3 October 2016

Yellow-browed Warblers everywhere, but none here to view

Although it was a day for Yellow-browed Warblers on Sunday, as expected I never got a photo with a whole bird or clear shot of any. I had one with no beak another of a rump and one with a shadow across the yellow brow! At least I did see some as did Olive.

A lucky break later when we arrived at the Bank of Scotland Hide at Montrose Basin SWT and immediately saw a Water Rail followed by a Kingfisher minutes later. The photos I like the most are the Starling sequence with one of the many ringed birds to be found around Montrose.

Kingfisher at the Bank of Scotland Hide at Montrose Basin SWT, a bit more colourful than actual due to the removal of the shadow from the ever lower sun

Carefully scanning for a fish

One of at least two Water Rails but they seldom stray from the reeds and if they do they stay in the shadowy margins or sprint across the open areas

Canada Geese with what appears to be a feral/hydrid Greylag amongst them

One of Ben's Starlings " yellow HM" at Montrose Beach, I've included the full sequence of drinking from the puddle

A Silver Y moth at Castlesea Gulley where there were three Yellow-browed Warblers which weren't so easy to photograph

A view from Barry Buddon west to Monifieth and Dundee from last week