Friday, 28 October 2016

Great White Egret, Montrose Basin

An accidental find, I heard it call when I think it was flushed by a shooting party working through the reeds at the Lurgies and the fields above. The bird settled out of view but was flushed again and after some gunfire (not near or at it) it appeared to land in the field in front of Mains of Dun Farm.

Also below a late Blackcap, Little Grebe and Whooper Swans.

Just as well it's big and white as the light wasn't good and the Egret was far away

Difficult birds to photograph these Little Grebes, they're small, dark and shy

A family party of Whooper Swans at Montrose Basin, some of a group of around twenty

A late or staying Blackcap, I think one of this years youngsters at Auchmithie

The brown light reflected on the Buzzard which was one of eight feeding on worms behind a plough near Inverkeilor

An immature Gull at Keptie Pond in Arbroath where two Kingfishers were seen briefly in the morning

Montrose from the Lurgies, the steeple is 4 km from the Lurgies path and I was able to tell the time on the clock on the original full size photo

Part of Dundee as seen from Port Allen near Errol, Cox's Stack I believe is the prominent tower

Monday, 24 October 2016

Great Grey Shrike and Twite

Just my luck, I find a Great Grey Shrike and it's almost dark and pouring with rain and it's on distant wires. The story of a bird photographers life I'd say. If the video is usable I'll post it here. The Shrike was on wires at Migvie in Glenesk just west of Tarfside.

Great Grey Shrike video, click here   Poor light in the rain and cropped to half size, best I could do

Great Grey Shrike, I hope the video is better, but I doubt it

At first I thought these would be Linnets as there is usually a flock at Mains of Usan but no, they're Twite and there were 21 of them

Couldn't get near without them flying off, so these taken from a distance

I like Crows