Friday, 4 November 2016

Great White Egret still around

The Great White Egret was still at the Lurgies this morning with a few other birds of interest and I finish off with another rant, talking sh**e

Great White Egret watching me watching it from the Lurgies path

One of two Greenshanks still foraging at the Basin

A solo Whooper Swan and later a group of eight adults flew upstream towards Brechin. It's a shame this had to be shrunk from 6000 by 4000 pixels.

There were twenty-four Little Grebes today, the highest count I've had so far this winter at the Old Harbour

All birders know what this is and like many of them this one is waiting for "The Dog Poo Fairies" to collect and dispose of it. Thing was, I watched five dog walkers walk past it, some with a bag of their own (yes I meant it to read like that). We need peer pressure from the majority good dog owners put on the minority. Note, the wooden walkway had more and not in bags, I despair.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Another puzzling least for me

Today I was hanging around the Carnoustie area waiting to help unload a van so these photos are all from within a few miles of there. The Lesser Black-backed Gull is late or staying, and the odd gull could just be an odd Herring Gull or is it? You'll notice my continuing love affair with Stonechats.......

A shaky clip taken on a heavy hand held DSLR of the Velvet Scoter from a previous post, click here,

The Island Pond at Monikie Country Park, photographed into a strong and low morning sun

A late or perhaps over-wintering Lesser Black-backed Gull at Monikie, also into the sun

One of the pairs of Mute Swans on the Buddon Course at Carnoustie Golf Links is still around

A strangely proportioned gull, standing tall, neck extended and a small head in relation to its body. These features could describe a juvenile Caspian Gull but a photo of its profile would help and someone wise to comment?

One of perhaps six Stonechats between West Haven and East Haven

Wren as above

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Velvet Scoter slightly inland on the North Esk Estuary

In search of something rare I walked along the beach from the Glaxo area in Montrose to the mouth of the North Esk hoping a Pied Wheatear posted as missing at Donmouth had moved south to one of the Esk estuaries, of course it hadn't!

The Velvet Scoter below I'm assuming is the same one I saw fly up the estuary at St Cyrus last week. Today it cruised slowly upstream with the tide to feed near to the north bank, unusual but not unknown for these sea ducks to venture inland.

Adult female Velvet Scoter on the estuary of the North Esk upstream of the St Cyrus Hide. Other photos and views showed the white wing bars on this confident duck which tolerated me getting closer than I'd expected

One of a small group of Rooks picking on scraps left in the car parking near Kinnaber sewage works

Grey Heron at the "Curlie" in Montrose, pity about the reeds being in the way

One of a number of Robins on the rock armour at Montrose Beach along with Rock Pipits, one of which was ringed

A female Kestrel at Arbroath Cliffs, a return visit when the sun is better positioned is on the cards