Thursday, 10 November 2016

Hen Harrier(s) in Angus

Not one but two Hen Harrier males today in Angus and together briefly as they hunted at the same site.

The Fieldfare and Redwing were both in a flock of over 100 coming into berries near the hide at Balgavies Loch. The edit has made for an unnatural sky as the birds were both silhouetted in the poor light during rain.

Male Hen Harrier

The same Hen Harrier



A Great Crested Grebe, apparently it's been at Balgavies since it had juvenile plumage I was told by a frequent visitor today

Monday, 7 November 2016

Waxwings in Montrose (eventually)

At last two Waxwings turned up in Montrose after it seemed Angus was being avoided by this species of colourful migrant and later once I'd gone of course another ten appeared at the same site, a small play park in Lower Craigo Street. Today was a recce visit for a club trip next Sunday and as well as these birds we saw, Pintail, Bar-tailed Godwit, Magpie and most of the wader species and ducks.

The two Waxwings weren't 100% happy when people were around so these taken from a distance will do just now rather than getting too close and scaring them away before others get a chance to see these stunning birds

Taken into the sun so not as natural as I'd hoped but the classic berry shot

A very upright stance, always on the lookout for predators and not far from a Peregrine perch at the steeple

Long-tailed Duck still at the Lurgies, just upstream from the concrete seat

A slightly better photo of the Velvet Scoter which is still in the North Esk just upstream of the beach at St Cyrus