Friday, 25 November 2016

Hawfinch and Peacocks - I wonder where?

I'd always thought that the Hawfinches which visit Scone Palace grounds every winter would probably arrive before most of the reports which tend to be in January and February, and a single bird today proved at least one does. I wonder if the reports are more to do with the grounds being closed to the public from mid December until early February? One photo below of the Hawfinch which was taken at the enclosed courtyard to the north east of the palace having been seen flying from the Lime avenue.

Hawfinch, was flying around with a Mistle Thrush! As high up the largest tree it could find


White Peacock!

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Sparrowhawk, which brought about Packham style thigh rubbing!!

Still cold out and the predators are active, the photo below from the Lurgies was a lucky shot when I spotted the Sparrowhawk coming straight towards me along the path.

Sparrowhawk on the Lurgies path, it got quite close before it noticed me clicking away

Goldeneye drake

Goldeneye duck

Some of the Linnet flock at Arbroath Cliffs which was around 400 birds

Say farewell to the seed the Linnets were feeding on, little wonder farmland bird numbers have crashed. The late sun has given this photo a very orange feel.

I haven't seen a Collared Dove in my garden for years but this young one is coming in to feed on the seed the messy sparrows drop. Photo through the double glazing.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Not much news, I'm selling a house and it's hindering my birding

Just a few from the last week or so, I've been busy with the marketing of my parents house.

The boys are back in town, Tree Sparrow numbers up to eight now in my garden due to the cold spell recently

A female Crossbill at Lintrathen

Peregrine, sitting near a round bale which had the remains of a feral pigeon it had eaten

Rock Pipit at Arbroath Cliffs where a very large, perhaps 400 strong flock of Linnets, Pipits, Twite and Skylark are feeding in a stubble field. I haven't been able to find any Snow Buntings amongst them but there could be?