Friday, 13 January 2017

Cold, getting dark but "White Gulls" about

The north wind these past few days has brought some white gulls with it and these two, a Glaucous Gull and an Iceland gull, both juvenile/1st winter birds I believe were at Victoria Park, Arbroath at high tide today. Unfortunately it was late in the day but despite the light I got some photos due to their close proximity to the sea wall, the Glaucous especially was feeding almost on the beach in the surge of the waves. Another new lesson today, I was so busy trying to photograph the Glaucous that I didn't notice the Iceland close by until another birder pointed it out. Must scan all birds before wasting time on photos in the dark!!

Glaucous Gull, doesn't look the same as the previous one at Arbroath but it was seen in bright sunlight and this one near to dusk so it could be?

Iceland Gull, juvenile/1st winter

Both gulls close to each other, just shows how the viewfinder of a camera restricts the view when zoomed in on a bird

Quite a dark underside which was stained with the silt being churned up by the waves crashing on the beach

Not as close to the wave as this looks, the Glaucous Gull avoiding the wave breaking hard on the sand

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Nine and a half days

These are some of the birds I've come across on a number of walks since the new year, all taken just a few miles from home. With a new MOT for my car I will probably venture further when this short cold spell passes. I might have some video in my Canon SX60 and if it's worthwhile I'll add it later.

Cormorant on the slipway at the boat yard, Arbroath Harbour

Dry now

A different Cormorant in the Lunan Water at Lunan Bay

A bit of a stooshie on the slipway between these young gulls

Still disputing ownership of the box of fish remains

Top lit in the late sunshine at Danger Point, Arbroath Harbour

I tried hard to get the perfect photo of a Herring Gull flying across the Moon but never quite got what I wanted so this gull was moved slightly for "artistic reasons"

Mostly Knot and Redshanks sitting at Rossie Spit, Montrose Basin as the tide receded

Sanderling well up from the tide line at Lunan Bay

Two of four Waxwings in Carnoustie, the only ones I've seen in 2017

A Yellowhammer getting a bit of heat from the setting sun at Lunan Bay