Saturday, 4 February 2017

Hare today, and gone tomorrow - I feel a visit to a barber is due

A trip into the Angus Glens was cut short as the weather there was considerably cold, wet and windy compared to what I'd left on the coast so I went back to see the Twite but maybe just a little late in the day. I did find a single Red Grouse, two Ravens and a number Mistle Thrush and Fieldfare in Glen Lethnot before I left. The Brown Hare gets the first spot below as it's not a photo I get often.

Brown Hare at Mains of Dun, Montrose Basin SWT Nature Reserve, it hadn't seen me at this point

I've been spotted but after some deliberation it decided I wasn't an immediate threat and it started to feed in the field

It eventually had enough and ran past me, I think I must have been standing on its usual path between two fields

Never close to either of  two Red Kites in Glenesk, two purple wing tags on this one, the other had one purple and one green. Both must be older birds as I was told they stopped tagging two years ago?? Another bird in Glen Lethnot was very mobile.

Have a look at the very full crop on this Buzzard also in Glenesk. Obviously it found a good carcass somewhere, or maybe just full of earthworms if someone was ploughing nearby. 

The ever flighty Twite at Mains of Dun not helped by the dog growling at me as I sat on the ground. One photo showed 66 birds but I've been told numbers have been higher. Many now have colour rings

Perhaps I need to go earlier in the day as the late sunlight is making life a bit difficult for LBJ's

There has been a Black-tailed Godwit at the scrape at the top of the Lurgies on and off since late autumn, I wonder if this one is the only one I see

One of the Waxwings at the end of Newton Road in Carnoustie. I still can't train my step-daughter to look for and report these as she drives by the site daily...... This photo was with the SX60 after four in the afternoon and needed a lot of adjustment

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Car failure this week, and now the weather

I originally went to Balgavies just to give my newly repaired car a run and had forgotten that a Green-winged Teal had been seen the day before. A pity I hadn't taken a teleconverter or my might have got a better photo, saying that the promising sun disappeared just after I arrived.

For what it's worth, a video of the Green-winged Teal displaying alongside the Eurasian Teal, something I can't recall seeing before. (SX60)

Green-winged Teal video, click here,

Green-winged Teal drake sleeping on the ice at Balgavies Loch. SX60 due to distance

Blue Tit, one of the many birds at Balgavies Hide which were spooked by the appearance of a large rat which will be trapped and removed by SWT

A Dunnock which usually are wary, came quite close

One of a small group of Long-tailed Tits which came and went often while I was at Balgavies