Thursday, 18 May 2017

Whitethroat and others

A few from a shortened day broken by a dentist appointment. Hope to spend tomorrow inland and maybe even up the hills.

Whitethroat on the usual territory near Glaxo in Montrose

Linnet, also near Glaxo

House Martins collecting mud for their nests on the St Cyrus NNR Centre buildings

Willow Warbler at St Cyrus

One of a mixed age group of this years young Starlings which have invaded my feeders

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Webs Count, Easthaven

My monthly Wetland Bird Survey count at Easthaven today and since it was sunny I took along a camera just in case something rare or interesting turned up, nothing unusual did but a flock of small waders at least 150 strong was impressive to see. Most waders are in or getting close to breeding plumage and I was a bit surprised to see so many still around.

At a first glance I thought two Dunlin had just landed but it's a Sanderling on the left with a Dunlin to the right

Turnstone almost in full breeding colours

Some of an eventual count of around 90 Sanderlings which formed the bulk of the large flock seen at Easthaven. Other photos I've ditched had a higher percentage of birds closer to their eventual breeding plumage than some of these

This male Shelduck had just seen off another male who had designs on his missus!